Looking for digital products that will help you grow your Instagram account & nail your content strategy? You’ve come to the right place! On this page you’ll find guides, worksheets & webinar replays on a variety of social media topics.

Complete Guide to Instagram Insights – $3.00

In this 25-page guide you’ll find a complete breakdown of every insight Instagram offers, what they mean for you as a content creator, and how to share this information with brands. I’ve included screenshots and detailed descriptions of every tab and section, so you will walk away with all the knowledge you need to interpret these important stats.

Reels Masterclass Webinar – $15.00

Lost when it comes to reels? In this webinar I cover all the basics of reels, from how to start creating them to a review of every aspect of the user interface as well as advice on topics, captions and hashtag usage.

15 Fuck Ups and How to Fix Them – $17.00

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my two years as a content creator. This trial and error taught me a lot, but it also took time. If you want to speed past these bumps in the road, pick up this workbook where I talk about 15 mistakes I made and what I would do now to fix them.

How to Start a Blog E-Book – $17.00

This 15-page PDF explains why you need to start a blog, the exact process I went through to start my blog and grow it, and shares the tools I’ve used along the way. If you’re lost at where to begin, this is the guide for you.

Email Templates for Creators – $27.00

Have you ever wondered how to reach out to a brand but have no clue what to say? Met with unfair deliverables but not sure how to explain why your work deserves pay? With these 19 templates you’ll be able to handle almost every situation you come across as a content creator. Plus, they are totally customizable for your situation and stats – I’ve bracketed the parts where you can input your own style and numbers.

Have an idea for a product or guide you’d love to see? Email me at to let me know!