Deviant Skincare Review: The U.K. Brand That Sold Out in Four Hours

If you haven’t already heard of Deviant Skincare, you’ll definitely hear about it soon. This U.K.-based luxury skincare line is making waves and holding its own against huge established brands, despite having just two employees: founder Natalie Symth and her partner Collin. During their recent sale, they sold out of EVERY PRODUCT in four hours! And their success is only just beginning.

Deviant is all about making skincare for everyone. They want to move away from “gender-specific, age-specific, and trend-driven product development and marketing.” Their beautiful, effective formulas can work for all skin types. In their own words, they make every product with the goal of “respecting the integrity of skin and providing real results.”

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How Deviant Skincare Got Started

Deviant wasn’t always Deviant. Originally, the brand was called Alkimi Skincare, and it sold a facial oil as well as an early version of the now-beloved cleansing concentrate.

In late 2018, the brand became Deviant Skincare and a star was born. The line began with the Cleansing Concentrate, a product that has become a cult favorite. It later expanded to include an exfoliating liquid, a facial oil, and most recently an enzymatic cleansing oil.

A little more on the founder, Natalie Smyth

Before getting into the products, I wanted to talk a little more about the woman behind the brand. For anyone who’s been involved in the skincare community for a few years, Natalie is a familiar face. She has been reviewing products and sharing in-depth information on ingredients and skincare formulations on Instagram since 2017. If you scroll through her page, you can see she’s tried almost every big-name product out there – and has been doing it for longer than many of us.

Taking all of this accumulated knowledge and combining it with her passion for the nitty gritty of skincare, Natalie created a brand that stands out in a sea of skincare companies.

Now that I’ve established just how incredible Deviant and its founder, Natalie, are, let’s get into the products.

The Holy Grail of Deviant Skincare: The Cleansing Concentrate

Key Product Info

Size: 50ml, 100ml or 200ml

Price: $38.41 USD, $59.59 USD and $91.38 USD respectively

deviant skincare cleansing concentrate

This beautiful product was Deviant Skincare’s first release. I reviewed it previously here, but I’ll take any opportunity to gush over this product.

A decadent balm to milk cleanser, this first cleanse effortlessly removes makeup and daily impurities without stripping the skin of its protective moisturizing factors. Notable ingredients include Hemp oil, Camellia Seed oil, Blueberry seed oil, Borage seed oil and Vitamin E. These skin-loving ingredients make this balm incredibly nourishing, without being comedogenic. Suitable for all skin types, I can’t think of anyone who won’t love this.

texture of deviant cleansing concentrate

In addition to the incredible formulation, what really makes this balm stand out is the sensorial experience that accompanies it. It is undoubtedly effective – it easily removes all my face makeup and sunscreen and leaves my skin totally clean – but so are many other products. The Cleansing Concentrate goes beyond merely checking the “clean” box and elevates cleansing into a luxurious ritual. I love taking the time to really massage this in in the evening. The woody, earthy scent is the cherry on top.

The experience extends beyond the balm itself and into the packaging. The cleansing concentrate is housed in a black glass jar with a hand made seal on top. It feels luxurious and like it is made with the utmost care.

If I sound like I’m obsessed, it’s because I am. I have two backups on hand at all times because I can’t bear to be without it. It is my absolute favorite cleansing balm and number one first cleanse.

Enzymatic Cleansing Oil

Key Product Info

Size: 100ml

Price: $38.41 USD

deviant skincare enzymatic cleansing oil

One of the best parts of Deviant Skincare is how receptive Natalie is to customer feedback. The Cleansing Concentrate is an incredible product, but it is undoubtedly pricey. So, Natalie set out to offer an alternative cleanser that would be slightly less expensive – but still as enjoyable to use.

The ECO, as it is nicknamed, is a decadent oil to milk cleanser that effortlessly removes makeup and daily impurities, without stripping the skin of its protective moisturizing factors. (Sound familiar? It’s the same goal as the Cleansing Concentrate). It contains camellia seed oil, borage seed oil, papaya and pineapple enzymes, and perilla.

Like the cleansing concentrate, this is suitable for all skin types. It is gentle and soothing, yet effective at removing makeup and dirt. The only downside to this product is the quantity I have to use to get the desired amount of “slip” to my cleanse – about 9-10 pumps.

Ultimately, it comes down to preference. I prefer the texture of a balm cleanser, but I know many people who would choose an oil. If you would rather use an oil cleanser, this is an amazing option.

Gentle Resurfacing Liquid

Key Product Info

Size: 100ml

Price: $45.03 USD

deviant skincare gentle resurfacing liquid

If you’re as much of a skincare fanatic as I am, you know acids are amazing for treating acne, texture, and a number of other skin problems. But if you’re like me and have sensitive skin, it can be difficult to find a suitable acid product to use. Enter the Gentle Resurfacing Liquid.

Containing a unique cocktail of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Mandelic, Lactic, Glycolic, Malic and Citric), BHA (Salicyclic Acids) and PHA (Gluconolactone), this powerhouse product gently dissolves the bonds binding dull, dead cells to skin’s surface. You would think with all those acids, this product would feel strong. When I used it, I didn’t even feel a tingle.

However, it’s gentleness does not indicate ineffectiveness. With a few week’s use, I’ve seen an improvement in my skin’s texture, oiliness, and active breakouts. By combining acids with skin-soothing ingredients such as green and white tea, mushroom, gotu kola (centella asiatica), and ginkgo biloba, Natalie has created a unique product. Strong yet suitable for sensitive skin, this is an acid toner everyone can feel comfortable reaching for.

Facial Oil

Key Product Info

Size: 30ml

Price: $46.35 USD

deviant skincare facial oil

You wouldn’t think someone who has oily, acne-prone skin like mine would love facial oils. But I can’t live without them! I love how they seal in moisture and prevent dry spots – particularly around on my nose. I am always on the hunt for nourishing, yet lightweight oils that don’t clog my pores.

This beautiful facial oil from Deviant checks all the boxes. It is nutrient dense, formulated with Tamanu, Rosehip, Raspberry, Cranberry and Blueberry oils, yet doesn’t contain any ingredients that could cause congestion. Even better, it avoids essential oils completely, making it perfect for sensitive skin. “For balance and vitality,” this oil both strengthens and calms the skin.

Like all Deviant products, using this is an exercise in luxury. It feels bougie from the second the oil touches the palm of your hand. It’s dense, but not heavy – my skin drinks it up almost immediately. About half a dropper full is enough to apply over my moisturizer in the evenings. I have noticed a more even glow to my skin, and my face looks more supple and hydrated. My sensitive, acne prone skin has found an oil that works incredibly well – a rare feat!

deviant skincare facial oil

Final Thoughts on Deviant Skincare

Deviant Skincare is truly amazing. A small U.K. business, it is as luxurious as some big-name brands; and in many regards, more effective, with better customer service, and more attention to the details that matter. I am thoroughly impressed with every product I have tried and cannot wait to see what they come up with next! And we won’t have to wait long – Natalie has already hinted that Deviant is hoping to release four new products in 2021. As these products are launched, I’ll continue to update this post with reviews.

If I’ve sold you on these products, be sure to use my referral link to make your purchase – it gets you 10% off and I earn 100 points in their referral program.

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  1. This was such an informative and helpful review! Loved the brand backstory too. I haven’t tried anything from the brand yet so your thoughts were extra appreciated. Glad to hear the resurfacing liquid worked well with your sensitive skin!

    • Thank you so much for reading Nicole! Honestly everything from them is worth checking out – especially the CC and the GRL! But I can’t pick a favorite haha, it’s all too good

  2. I’ve heard only great things about Deviant Skincare especially the cleansing concentrate. After reading your review I would love to try the cleanser and facial oil. I have acne prone skin and currently dealing with maskne and hormonal breakouts… double whammy ? Glad to hear you the facial oil didn’t break you out. I’m curious what the oil smells like since it has tamanu in it. It took me a bit time to adjust to the smell when I started using a serum that contain tamanu. I still love the ingredient!

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  6. I remember wanting to try this brand a while back, but shipping was expensive because they ship from the UK. I know they’re a small brand, but I’m hoping at some point in the future they’ll start selling their products at a retailer here in the US. I just can’t afford $20 in shipping for one cleansing balm

    • It’s definitely on the pricier side! I have heard rumors they are planning to expand to have a shipping base in the U.S. to help alleviate some of those costs in the near future…

  7. I’ve been following Natalie and the brand for quite some time now and have only heard wonders about the GRL and their cleansing balm. Hopefully I get to try them soon ♥️ So happy that youre loving them Amber

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