Gift Guide for Men: What to Buy the Guys in Your Life

Without fail, whenever I start buying Christmas gifts each year the girls are easy. But when it comes to my dad or my guy friends, I’m always stumped! My dad in particular is a very difficult person to buy for. If you experience a similar holiday shopping struggle, this gift guide is for you. I’ve put together a gift guide for men with both skincare & non-skincare items that they’ll love to open on Christmas morning (or any other holiday you may be celebrating).

Please note – some of the links used in this gift guide are affiliate, meaning that when you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This means I can put more money back into my blog and insta to keep creating amazing content for you to enjoy!

Gift Guide for Men: Skincare (and personal care!)

Since I’m a skincare blog, of course I have to focus on highlighting some skincare items! While I find in general my non-creator guy friends are less enthused about skincare, when you can find the right product they too can get into it. That’s why I picked out a few of my favorite, no-fuss skincare items that guys will enjoy too. Even better, you might even enjoy these together!

Lumin Skincare Classic Maintenance Set

image from Lumin Skincare

If you have a guy in your life who still uses 3-in-1 shampoo as his face wash, you NEED to get him this set! Coming in at just $48, this three step routine covers the basics of a skincare routine (although you’ll have to supplement the SPF). With a cleanser, exfoliator and moisturizer in sleek black packaging, your man will FINALLY start taking care of his skin – and probably enjoying it! When he’s ready to level up, you can add on a bunch of other items from Lumin to help him learn about other skincare products (like face mists, eye products, masks etc). The best part? You can set him up with a subscription so he never has an excuse to not do his skincare routine.

Romer Regimen

Image from Romer Skincare

Is the guy on your holiday shopping list already washing his face? Then you can help him level up by getting him the Romer Regimen. This clean, sustainable, gender-neutral skincare line is simple and effective, with just the touch of luxury needed to really enjoy one’s skincare routine. Their three products – cleanse, treat & moisturize – all work together to soothe and hydrate one’s skin, while reducing any inflammation or irritation. To read my full review of their line, as well as their awesome backstory, visit my blog post from this summer.

If you pick up just one item from Romer, make it their Treatment mask. This is the PERFECT after shave treatment to prevent any irritation. With CBD, prickly pear seed oil, and hyaluronic acid, your guy’s face has never been softer.

Youth to the People Superberry Dream Mask

Maybe you’re shopping for a skincare pro. If so, this will be the perfect addition to his skincare routine. The YTTP superberry dream mask is a cult-favorite for a reason; It smoothes and soothes skin and makes it look brighter in the morning, all in one easy step. I know most guys don’t have much time or patience for masking, so this product makes it easy for them – just put it on at night! Just make sure to explain that part to them – I did have my trainer accidentally use this as a daytime moisturizer once.

Curious about this product or others from the YTTP line? Check out my full brand review here – and maybe discover another gift you’d like to pick up!

Elta MD UV Clear Face Sunscreen SPF 46

image from Dermstore

One of the best gifts you can give to someone is sun protection. Even if a guy isn’t into skincare, they should be into preventing skincare. This sunscreen is one of my favorites – no white cast, easy to apply & reapply, wears comfortably on the skin even outdoors. I highly recommend picking this up if you’ve had to nag your dad, brother, or boyfriend about putting on their sunscreen.

Necessaire Bodycare Line

I know too many guys who still use 3-in-1 wash for all their shower needs. Upgrade their bodycare routine with a Body Essentials set from Necessaire, my all-time favorite body brand. I’ve used them religiously for almost a year and will never go back. Want to know more about why I’m obsessed with Necessaire? read my full review here.

The Fragrance Free set with the Body Wash, Body Exfoliator and Body Lotion is your safest bet, but if you know they love a particular scent go for it!

P.S. Until December 14th, you can take 10% off your Necessaire order with code 10AMBER!

Gift Guide for Men: Non-Skincare items

Theragun Elite

I don’t know about you, but my dad is always complaining about back pain. If that sounds like a guy in your life, gift them a massager and you will be their favorite person! I use mine to release my back tension after a gym session or tough riding lesson, and it works wonders.

Free weights

With COVID, many of us are working out at home. Most guys are probably missing the gym – to help cope with gym FOMO (which I definitely experienced), grab him some dumbbells so he can continue exercising from his living room. Depending on his fitness level, you can grab a range of weights so he has a choice.

Fresh Jax Salts

I bought these for my dad last year for my birthday, and he absolutely LOVED them! So much he wouldn’t let me use them for my own cooking endeavors. Fresh Jax makes some innovative salt flavors that will make any amateur chef drool. My personal favorite is the Mesquite Lime and the Campfire, but this set lets him try out a bunch.

Indoor S’mores Fire Pit

Who doesn’t like s’mores? While we’re all staying at home and hunkering down for the winter, this would be a fun gift to bring some holiday cheer into your guy friend’s home. This type of gift makes it easy for them to enjoy it, and can also serve as a bonding activity (post-COVID!) for you both to enjoy.

I hope this gift guide gave you some great ideas for the men in your life! Let me know in the comments if you picked up anything.

37 thoughts on “Gift Guide for Men: What to Buy the Guys in Your Life”

  1. I think the theragun and sunscreen are great gifts for guys. I always go with cologne, a high end grooming kit or they have fun beer sample kits from World Market with various beers with various themes. Thanks so much for your post! The skincare suggestions are great!

  2. Sooo many good ideas!! I agree, men are always the hardest to shop for but this definitely is helpful! 🙂

  3. These are such great recommendations, thank you! I’ve been trying to figure out my boyfriend’s holiday gift and the Necessaire set sounds like something he would love!

    • Everyone I’ve gifted it to has loved it! This weekend would be the best time to get it since you can save 10% off with my code 🙂

  4. Great guide! For some reason, guys are so hard to shop for. I’m still battling with my husband to wear sunscreen ? now he only wears it when we go out together. These sets are so cute! I think sometimes men don’t want to try skincare because of the packaging. Most of the skincare products that I own are kinda girly looking, it makes sense that he would think that it’s for women only. I hope brand would just switch to unisex packaging. That being said the black sets look so stylish ? as for the back massager, I want that haha. I feel like once we hit the 25th year (it was the 22nd in my case), the back pain takes over. I don’t know one adult who doesn’t have back pain. This product would be perfect to anyone really, except for children and teenagers, or course. Great choices, and nicely written ❤

  5. These are such good picks, Amber! I love the Indoor fire pit as well as the weights and spices! Also, speaking of, I just got my bf the theragun mini!

  6. My husband would love that organic fresh jax spices . He loves to cook . Thanks for sharing . I think I’m getting samples of the romer 3steo skincare so I’m definitely giving my husband that . All my family is in Trinidad so I just have found I buy for my husband. Thanks for always sharing amazing and affordable gift ideas and products. The packaging for the Lumi skincare is so masculine ??.

  7. I’ve got those same grilling seasonings on my husband wish list too. They look like they’d be yummy!!!! I totally have to check out that Lumin skincare too… that clay mask looks dreamy

  8. Holy crap the indoor s’mores kit is such a vibe!! I might need one for myself! I do really need to get my boyfriend and brothers SPF, I bought them beginner skincare routines this year 🙂

  9. I love that ELTA MD SPF with my whole heart!! And the superberry mask too ??? these are the perfect gifts for the man in my life because it’s simple and practical. I love it.

  10. The massage gun is a great gift! My boyfriend loves his. I actually never thought of getting him the necessaire body line. Definitely something I’m adding to his list.

  11. The massage gun is a great gift! My boyfriend loves his. I actually never thought of getting him the necessaire body line or the super berry dream mask. Saving this list for our anniversary now!

  12. Wow!!! What a nice gift guide for men ? there are so many great ideas ? I’d love to take for my husband something from skincare but I’m sure he won’t be using it ?. I think free weights will be a great gift for him ? thank you sweetheart ?

  13. This is amazing! The lil s’mores fire pit omg ? my guy would love that! I think he would also love the YTTP dream berry mask – I’m getting it soon so I may just share lol

  14. What a great gift guide! I always struggle with gifting for the men in my life but this was so helpful! Honestly starting a skincare page has made me realize how little my boyfriend or guy friends do for their skin, so I’ll definitely be shopping for a few of these recommendations!

  15. These are some great suggestions! My bf just bought himself a massager for his sore muscles- otherwise I definitely would have gotten him the theragun!

  16. i love this idea so so much!!! i feel like men are so hard to shop for, haha. especially the ones that say, “i don’t want anything.” i also think it’s adorable how a lot of men use their girlfriends body care and skincare products. i bet it really would make them happy it they got their own.

  17. Ohmygosh, thank you for putting this together. I was starting to panic. The tough question is, if I get my Dad sunscreen, will he actually wear it?

  18. That little s’mores kit is the cutest/coolest thing!! I always find myself buying guys clothes but eventually that gets boring. These are some really great picks!

  19. Male family members are the WORST for self-care anything! It literally took me 30 years to get my brother to use hand cream on his cracked and bleeding skin and even now he hates rubbing it into his skin and does jazz hands to try to get them to try. Yes, that loud bang you heard was me hitting my head. My family may be the source of my chronic migraines… fr. My father is worse. On the other hand,your list is amazing and I see things I would live to try there!


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