Gisou Haircare Review: Which Honey Infused Products Are Worth the $$$

If you’ve been looking for a totally honest Gisou haircare review to decide if the products are worth checking out, this is the post for you! Gisou haircare has been taking over the Instagram this summer, so when I was offered the chance to try a few products in anticipation of their launch at Sephora I eagerly accepted. This is one of the most popular brands that have reached out to me so far, which as a side note highlights that it is very possible to work with brands as a small content creator (read this post to find out how!)

Gisou sent me their honey infused hair oil and their propolis infused texturizing wave spray, and after only a week of using I ordered the rest of the line to test out. Some have thoroughly impressed me, whereas others have fallen a bit short. Read on for my full Gisou haircare review!

Behind the Brand: How Gisou Haircare got Started

Gisou was founded by Negin Mirsalehi, a beauty and fashion influencer with more than 6 million Instagram followers. But her passion for haircare began long before she experienced social media success. She is a sixth generation beekeeper; Growing up, she always saw her dad taking care of the family beehives. Her mother was a hairdresser constantly looking to improve the products she offered to her customers.

Negin took both of these interests and combined them into the launch of the first Gisou product: the cult-favorite Honey Infused Hair oil. Now, the brand has two ranges, honey-infused and propolis-infused products, and has achieved global acclaim. Most recently, they successfully launched in Sephora.

Gisou Haircare Review: A Detailed Product Breakdown

Now that I’ve shared a bit about the interesting backstory of Gisou, let’s get into the product breakdowns. I’ve now tried every product from their line and have some strong opinions. A few have become holy grails, others I liked and some didn’t work for me at all. Keep reading to find out which ones fall into which category!

Gisou Honey-Infused Shampoo

This nourishing shampoo, like all the honey-infused Gisou products, is enriched with honey from the Mirsalehi bee garden. It claims to effectively yet gently cleanse hair and create a generous lather to relieve the scalp from buildup.

I like this shampoo as a gentle wash. It leaves my hair feeling soft and gives it a bit of shine. However, I don’t find it strong enough to remove sweat and product buildup – for that, I need a scalp scrub like the Briogeo charcoal micro-exfoliating shampoo. This Gisou hair wash is something I’d reach for as an in-between wash, but not for a deep clean.

Gisou Honey-Infused Conditioner

gisou honey infused hair conditioner
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Gisou’s honey infused conditioner is marketed as a nourishing, weightless conditioner that claims to gently and effectively detangle and condition hair, leaving it hydrated, manageable and strong.

While it did detangle my hair, unfortunately the post-shower effects of this conditioner were not pleasant. I found it left my hair dry and straw-like. It wasn’t sufficiently conditioning and at $34 for the tube, I wouldn’t repurchase.

My go-to conditioner remains the Be Gentle Be Kind Apple Matcha conditioner from Briogeo, one of my all-time favorite haircare brands that I wrote about here.

Gisou Honey-Infused Hair Mask

gisou honey infused hair mask

Gisou’s hair mask is formulated to hydrate and replenish the hair while improving its elasticity, shine and manageability. And while the conditioner was a disappointment, this product certainly was not. It left my hair soft and shiny. Most importantly, it did a much better job at detangling my hair and left it much more manageable. I really enjoy the thick, intensive texture of this mask and will be keeping it in my shower for the foreseeable future.

texture of gisou hair mask

Gisou Propolis Infused Heat Protecting Spray

gisou propolis infused heat protecting spray

I am not a big fan of using hot tools on my hair. It’s actually why my hair has stayed so healthy for so long – I RARELY blow dry or curl it. But on the rare occasions I do need to use heat (because sometimes ya girl is showering 5 minutes before she needs to run out the door!) I know it’s important to protect my hair.

This heat protecting spray has become a solid tool in my arsenal for those busy hair styling sessions. I honestly don’t notice the impact from it except for the fact my hair stays soft and healthy even when I blowdry it. I think everyone should use a heat protectant on their hair, and this is a solid choice.

Gisou Propolis Infused Polishing Primer

gisou propolis infused polishing primer

Another product I wasn’t quite sure I would need, as I tend to stay pretty low maintenance with my hair, but it impressed me nonetheless. This primer has a lightweight, creamy texture. You only need the tiniest amount to give your hair a little bit of shine. My favorite part is how it keeps my frizz at bay.

Is it a must-have? No, especially as my hairstyles tend to be extremely low maintenance. But it’s a nice-to-have product, and since a little goes a long way this tube will last a while.

Gisou Propolis Infused Texturizing Wave Spray

gisou propolis infused texturizing wave spray

This spray is described as a way to create instant beachy waves and body without making hair heavy, sticky or dry. It smells faintly of honey and at 5oz is good value for the price. I was glad Gisou chose to send this product to me in their PR gift celebrating their sephora launch!

Because my hair likes to dry pin straight, I’m always looking for ways to add movement. But a lot of wave sprays leave my hair crunchy and icky. This one, shockingly, did not! It created a nice amount of subtle movement (especially when I blow dried with a diffuser). If you have similar hair struggles and haven’t found a wave spray you like yet, I recommend giving this one a go.

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil

gisou honey infused hair oil

This is the stand out, holy-grail Gisou product for me. I had heard so many people say just how incredible it was, but after I finally tried it out for myself (when Gisou kindly sent it to me as a gift!) I was instantly hooked!

There are a few different ways to use this product. My favorite is to apply a few drops to my hair after a shower (while it’s still damp) and let dry. It leaves my hair so soft and shiny. I’ve also used it as an overnight treatment, applying 2-3 dropperfuls to my hair and wrapping it in a towel while I sleep. This also made my hair feel beyond incredible – but it’s an intensive treatment I’d only do once a month or leading up to a special occasion. Lastly, I’ve added a few drops into a hair mask for extra nourishment and shine.

Gisou’s hair oil is versatile, but most importantly it’s effective. I’ve always struggled with hair oils making my hair too greasy or heavy, and tended to just use them on my ends. This is the first hair oil I can apply to my entire head without those concerns.

And while the 3.4 fl oz version is PRICEY (like OUCH!), the 1.7 oz version is a little more palatable at $46. Since you only need a little with each use, I would recommend getting the “luxe travel size.” I’ve had it for almost two months and haven’t even used a quarter of it! I know that when I do eventually run out I will be repurchasing – it’s the best hair oil I’ve used by far and I consider it one of my holy grails.

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Perfume

gisou honey infused hair perfume

If this wasn’t so pricey I would honestly want to bathe in it (just kidding! kinda). It smells heavenly and is a really nice touch to the end of my haircare routine.

However, a hair perfume is definitely not a necessity for a haircare routine by any means. It is 100% a luxury, and for that reason I won’t say it’s a must-have for anyone. But if you’re interested in checking it out, I would recommend getting the travel size since, like the oil, it will last forever.

How does Gisou compare to other haircare brands?

Gisou is a super luxurious haircare brand with some standout products, and others that didn’t quite work for me. Of the haircare brands I have tried, I would rank it in my top three. My absolute favorite haircare brand is Briogeo (which I reviewed here!), because of how well their products work for my hair. I also really enjoy Aquis, a brand that focuses on cleansing and leave-in products that strongly compliment the rest of my routine. Both Briogeo and Aquis are less pricey than Gisou, so for staple products they are more feasible for my budget.

However, Gisou does offer some products that I have struggled to find effective counterparts to, and for that reason the brand has become one of my favorites.

Is Gisou worth it?

Gisou is pricey – there’s no getting around it. I don’t think every product in the line is worth it. The conditioner, for example, really did not work for me. But a few, including the hair oil and the hair mask are.

Luxury haircare can be hit or miss, but in certain cases I can justify the price if the results are incredible. Gisou’s honey-infused haircare is overall a line that is worth it.

Final Thoughts for this Gisou Haircare Review

Gisou is a line I’ve been curious about for a while, as I love honey in haircare products and was interested in seeing if the hype was well deserved. In summary, for many of the products it is. Their leave in products are particularly effective for my hair and I’ve found a couple holy grails.

I hope you enjoyed this Gisou haircare review! If it’s convinced you to give them a go, let me know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Gisou Haircare Review: Which Honey Infused Products Are Worth the $$$”

  1. I tried Gisou from Sephora and appreciate their trial sizes. The shampoo did not moisturize my hair quite enough so I did actually bath in it, using it as a
    body shampoo in the shower, it worked just great. I have sensitive skin and this product was very soothing, a good cleanser and I love the honey scent. So, I will be purchasing the larger size bottle for this
    purpose and also try the Gisou hair mask that you recommend. Thank you.

    • What a great repurposing! Although to be honest, I don’t actually recommend the Gisou hair mask – my go to hair masks for hydrating are the Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Kiwi + Avocado mask and the Dae Moisture Monsoon mask. The Gisou hair mask falls short for me.


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