Instagram Growth: 5 Accounts To Help You Explode Your Social Media

Previously I’ve shared some general advice on starting a skincare instagram. With this article, I’ll be digging in to how to create an Instagram growth strategy. When you first start an Instagram account, it can seem impossible to get your name out there. And to make matters worse, there’s the people who seem to have tapped into some secret for overnight success. I’m definitely not there yet – I have just 2.4K followers after a year and a half – but I have found certain tips that have improved my following, engagement and reach. Much of this advice I’ve learned through trial and error, but I’ve also found some amazing educators that have helped as well. Below I share a list of accounts that offer advice either on Instagram specifically or social media in general.

For General Instagram Growth Strategy & Success:

Grow & Glow account - an amazing account to teach you how to nail your Instagram growth goals

Described as a “community for creators & creative business owners,” this page is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know to succeed on social media (including Instagram). They cover Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter and blogging in engaging, easy to read graphic posts. The team behind Grow & Glow is super responsive and helpful. And the community is awesome!.

They also offer a podcast and a blog for free. The podcast in particular led me to completely revamp my social media strategy and has helped immensely with increasing my reach and engagement. If you still can’t get enough of them (like me), Grow & Glow also has a private membership option where for $15ish quarterly you can get access to a private Facebook group, tons of courses on growing your social media, and lives with industry professionals. If you only follow one account from this list, make it this one!

For More Instagram Growth Tips: @vixmeldrew

Instagram growth strategy from @vixmeldrew

The founder of Grow & Glow, Vix Meldrew’s personal account offers even more information for influencers. She is witty, approachable and genuinely inspiring. Plus, her British accent makes her just that much more enjoyable to listen to! In the age of influencers it sometimes feels like the people that have “made it” are totally unreachable. Vix is the opposite – she shares her wealth of knowledge willingly and openly.

For Learning How to Know Your Worth: @influencerpaygap

Influencer Pay Gap is the account we never knew we needed. Brands have gotten away with extorting massive amounts of work in exchange for gifted product for too long. Anyone who does content creation knows one photo and review can take hours. We need to be compensated fairly for that amount of work. After all, we’re basically a one-stop marketing agency!

Influencer Pay Gap is making negotiating your rates easier as influencers from all following sizes, niches, genders, races, etc. share their highest & lowest paid jobs. It’s also a way to ask questions, get feedback, and develop your strategy. This account opened my eyes to just how badly I was undercharging myself.

For Instagram Strategy, Hashtag Tips, and Growth: @influencerleague

Run by Brittany, a woman who has experience working on both sides of the influencer life: as an influencer herself, and for an agency that seeks out influencers, this account is invaluable. A great part of her page is the many resources she offers: there are three tiers of membership on the Influencer League website, a textbook option, or simply just the free materials she shares on Instagram & twitter.

For Diving Into SEO with your Blog:  @influencerseo

Influencer SEO does not teach you how to grow your Instagram. Instead, it focuses on how to optimize your blog posts and grow your account that way. You can drive traffic to your blog via Instagram, and vice versa, so knowing how to write blog posts that will rank in Google is vital. She also shares advice for Pinterest strategy, another critical social media platform you should be on.

I hope you’ve found at least one new Instagram account to follow through this list. If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends! And good luck on your Instagram growth journey.

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