Necessaire Review: Why You Need This Body Care Line In Your Shower

Necessaire has quickly become on of the most popular body care brands on Instagram. Their products, which come in multiple scents, offer everything you need in your shower routine: body wash, body exfoliator, body lotion, body serum, deodorant and a sex gel. While I haven’t tried everything, what I have tried has become holy grails in my shower line up. If you’re also intrigued, keep reading this Necessaire review to find out why I think they’re is worth the extra money!

Behind the Brand: Necessaire’s Story

Necessaire is different from many bodycare brands I’ve used in the past. They make a commitment to creating products that will “make a true difference in your wellbeing and support your health.” Necessaire only uses clean, effective, and high quality ingredients your body can actually use.

Their belief that personal care is bigger than body wash – that it’s self care, and self-care is a necessity – stood out to me from the first moment I heard of them. But did the products stand up to these lofty claims? Honestly, yes! And let me explain why.

Necessaire Review: The Products

Body Wash (Sandalwood)

necessaire body wash

What it is: A daily multi-vitamin cleanser for skin health.

What it does: Cleanses, nourishes and balances.

Price: $25.00/250ml

My Thoughts: This body wash comes in four different scents – bergamot, eucalyptus, sandalwood, and fragrance free. I use the sandalwood scent and absolutely love it. It feels nourishing and doesn’t dry out my skin. It also foams nicely and leaves me smelling good after a shower. I was impressed by this cleanser for sure, but after attempting to switch to another body wash and breaking out in hives, I knew Necessaire had created my holy grail.

Body Exfoliator (Sandalwood)

necessaire body exfoliator

What it is: a weekly multi-exfoliation treatment for skin health.

What it does: Exfoliates, softens, and renews.

Price: $30.00/200ml

My Thoughts: This is a powerful, effective body exfoliator. It combines chemical exfoliators – glycolic acid, salicyclic acid and lactic acid – with physical exfoliators – bamboo charcoal and pumice. It is gentle but still leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. Like the body wash, it comes in four different scents. I’ve tried a lot of body scrubs I like, but the combo physical/chemical exfoliation in this one makes it stand out to me amongst the rest.

Body Serum

necessaire body serum

What it is: a daily multi-hydration treatment for skin health, with hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, vitamin B5 and niacinamide.

What it does: Hydrates all over your body.

Price: $45/150ml

My Thoughts: A body serum is by no means necessary in your post-shower bodycare routine, but this one is really nice. It feels a little heavier than a hydrating serum for your face, and left my skin feeling very nourished. I enjoy using this, but it is pricey so I won’t call it a necessity.

Body Lotion

What it is: a fragrance free, fast-absorbing daily multi-vitamin moisturizer for skin health.

What it does: Moisturizes, nourishes, and strengthens.

Price: $25.00/200ml

My Thoughts: This is honestly one of the most enjoyable body lotions I have used. It’s very lightweight, yet leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft. I like that it’s fragrance free, making it perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts for this Necessaire Review

Necessaire is, in my opinion, most definitely worth it. The skin-loving ingredients and quality formulations make my skin feel healthier and happier. I’ll be keeping these in my shower routine for a long time.

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