Meet Romer Skincare: The Chicago Brand That Simplifies Your Routine

Romer Skincare launched in February 2020, but I first heard of the brand when I applied for and landed their summer Marketing & Social Media internship. Despite the struggles that come with starting a small business in the midst of a global pandemic, Romer’s founder & CEO Lauren Rome has worked hard to spread the word about her three-step, clean, sustainable skincare line.

With just three products, Romer Skincare offers a solution to the overwhelming amount of options available to skincare enthusiasts. As overconsumption loses its allure as a status symbol, shelfies with thousands of products are becoming less popular. Now, more and more consumers are looking for simple, effective routines that they can stick to. This is where the Romer regimen comes in.

This may sound hypocritical coming from me, but simplicity is key when starting a skincare routine. Shelfies with hundreds of cleansers, moisturizers and serums may look like the domain of an expert, but using that many products can wreak havoc on your skin. As I discuss in my Skincare 101 Guide, the core skincare routine – and all anyone really needs – is a cleanser, moisturizer and a sunscreen. With Romer regimen, you check 2 out of 3 of those items (unfortunately they don’t offer a sunscreen) and get a bonus mask/overnight treatment that plays well with the other two products.

I have been using all three products – Cleanse, Treat and Moisturize – since beginning my internship back in May. The intentional formulations and effectiveness has impressed me enough to keep them in my routine for months now. So let’s dig into each product and why I think the line as a whole is worth checking out.

Step 1 in the Romer Skincare Regimen: Cleanse

romer skincare cleanse
photo provided by romer skincare

Cleanse is the first step in the Romer regimen. A nourishing gel-oil cleanser, it gently removes impurities without stripping the skin. Manuka honey hydrates the skin, while calendula and aloe help soothe irritation and redness. It also uses green tea and coffee to energize dull, sleep-deprived skin – a true heavy hitter!

To use, dampen face and hands with warm water. pump cleanser into hands and work into lather. Massage into skin picking up dirt, oil, makeup and impurities. Rinse thoroughly and pat to dry. I use this as my morning cleanse and as my second cleanse at night.

This cleanser truly works for all skin types. Those with dry skin will love the fact that it contains manuka honey and aloe. Oily skinned readers will also benefit from the manuka honey, as it has antibacterial properties. It’s gentle yet effective, and completely non-irritating. Plus, the bottle lasts forever!

texture of cleanser
cleanse’s texture!

Step 2 in the Romer Skincare Regimen: Treat

romer skincare treat cbd mask
photo provided by romer skincare

Treat is Romer Skincare’s double-duty mask. It can be used as either a 5-minute treatment for a boost of hydration, or left on overnight for ultra-hydrated, nourished skin. The ingredient list is incredibly impressive: hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, bakuchiol, squalane, prickly pear seed oil, white tea and CBD make this mask a powerhouse. It’s on par with my holy grail Youth to the People Superberry Dream Mask (reviewed here!).

Treat is especially amazing for anyone with dry or irritated skin. I suffer from redness and irritation combined with my oily, blemish-prone skin type. Products that include CBD, like this mask, help immensely with these issues. Treat instantly soothes my skin and leaves it so soft and plump.

texture of treat
texture of treat

Step 3 in the Romer Skincare Regimen: Moisturize

romer skincare moisturize
photo provided by romer skincare

The third (or sometimes second – it’s interchangeable with treat) step in the Romer regimen is Moisturize. Described as a “lightweight daily moisturizer for day to night use,” it “instantly hydrates and energizes dull, tired, dehydrated skin.”With hyaluronic acid, shea butter, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, and oat beta glucan, it’s packed with powerful ingredients to deeply hydrated and nourish your skin.

This can be used morning and night (in the morning, always follow with a sunscreen!) Personally, I prefer to use this at night due to the rich ingredients. I can use it in the day if I’m staying at home, but if I’m out riding & sweating it can be too heavy for my skin. But at night, it’s perfect to pack in some extra moisture!

texture of moisturize
texture of moisturize

Final Thoughts

Cleanse, Treat and Moisturize are all fantastic options, especially for someone new to skincare, but what makes them stand out to someone who tries hundred of skincare products?

First, the ingredients included are awesome and work well with for all skin types. As I mentioned previously, the manuka honey in the cleanser is a godsend for anyone with acne-prone or oily skin. Each ingredient was intentionally included – no fillers or lousy stuff here! Working with Lauren personally, I can see how carefully she decided what would be included in her products.

Second, I love that it makes skincare easy to understand and relatively accessible. Romer is certainly not the cheapest brand on the market, but they’re not absurdly expensive and you get a lot of value for what you pay for. For busy working professionals who don’t have time to try out lots of different products, this is a fantastic way to take care of your skin. The most important part of a skincare routine is your ability to stick to it – with Romer, the simplicity makes it possible to maintain that critical consistency.

But most importantly, I love what Romer stands for. They are a clean, sustainable, gender-neutral skincare brand that focuses on being effective rather than trendy or flashy. Their three-step regimen is what celebrity-led brands such as Fenty Skin or Kylie Skin wish they were. Rather than relying on the power of a name to carry the products, Lauren has created a brand that can speak for itself. Even when my internship is over, I’ll continue to use Romer’s products and support this small, female-founded, sustainable brand.

| Disclosure: I currently intern with Romer Skincare but this post was not a requirement of my internship nor has it been edited/approved by anyone at the company. These are my honest thoughts on the line. |

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