Sand & Sky: Brand Review

Who is in the mood for a Sand & Sky brand review? I’ve unfortunately let this blog fall to the wayside with the demands of my sophomore fall semester – BUT I’ve decided to jump back in with to discuss a company that makes some of my all-time favorite products.

Sand and Sky is a clean and effective Australian beauty brand. Founded by two women, it aims to share “Aussie magic” with the world. They created the original Australian pink clay mask and have only expanded from there. The brand is cruelty free and their materials are recyclable.

I’ll begin with the OG product:

the Australian pink clay mask.

Long story short, this mask is incredible. It’s a detoxifying and brightening clay mask that contains fantastic, skin-loving ingredients such as Australian pink clay, kelp and witch hazel, mangosteen and pomegranate, and Kakadu plum. There are no sulfates, no silicones, no parabens, or any of the other bad things. Their website, as well as Instagram, is full of rave reviews so I’ll just add a brief one to the list: This is my FAVORITE clay mask by far.

No one clay mask that I’ve used (and I’ve used a lot!) compares to Sand & Sky. It makes my skin looker clearer and brighter in just 10-15 minutes – it’s a visible difference that lasts. My favorite way to use this is to first apply a liquid exfoliant, such as Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid. After I put the clay mask on top to draw out impurities. When I do this, all the gunk just oozes out of my pores with little effort. I can’t live without this mask in my stash and will ALWAYS have a restock.


Now let’s chat about Sand & Sky’s newest releases. They recently expanded their collection into a second mask and a serum-oil product. This new mask is called the

Australian Emu Apple Super Bounce Mask

This is a deeply hydrating and brightening mask that protects and nourish the skin. It also gives you a healthy glow. Some of the notable ingredients include Australian Emu Apple and Glow Berries, which fight free radicals and combat aging, Kakadu Plum that helps with brightening, 5 types of Hyaluronic Acid, and Jojoba Oil.

I love this mask as much as their original pink clay mask – and they make a beautiful combination. This mask feels hydrating and cooling at the same time, and makes a noticeable difference in how plump and “awake” my skin looks. I am also obsessed with the scent – it smells so fruity and refreshing!


The final product I’m going to discuss is the

Australian Emu Apple Dreamy Glow Drops.

This is a bi-phase serum (think thicker than a serum but lighter than an oil) that works to lock in moisture. The water phase contains their special 5-level Hyaluronic Acid, Australian Glow Berries, and Kakadu Plum (source of vitamin C). The oil phase contains a blend of jojoba, almond and olive oils. Together, the product works to deeply hydrate skin and lock in moisture.

I’ve been using this product as my final step before moisturizer morning and night. I was a little nervous about using an oil in the daytime as my combo skin can get quite greasy, but these drops made my skin look smooth and glowy without turning me into an oil slick. I’ve noticed smoother, softer skin that feels bouncy to the touch. This is the most unique product I’ve ever used and I don’t think I ever want to be without it in my routine!


The one product I haven’t touched on from Sand & Sky is their five-minute pink clay flash exfoliator. I have a lot of exfoliating products in my collection and haven’t gotten around to trying it, but definitely plan to – as I’ve only heard amazing things. If you’re curious about their latest release, the glow enzyme polish powder, you can read my review here.

On a final note about Sand & Sky, their website contains a variety of gift sets that provide some great deals for customers. The holidays would be a great time to check out their products. If you want to add some fast-working, natural and effective skincare to your routine, look no further than Sand and Sky.


Hope you enjoyed this Sand & Sky brand review! Let me know if you’ve decided to check anything out after reading this.