Silvon Pillowcase Review: The Acne-Fighting Antimicrobial Pillowcase

Why do I swear by Silvon anti-acne pillowcases? I have sensitive, combination, acne-prone skin, so I am always looking for the latest thing to help combat my blemishes. One product I always have in my arsenal is the Sand and Sky pink clay mask (reviewed here). My holy grail pimple patches from Zitsticka and their Skin Discipline supplement have also helped, but the spots on the left side of my face – the side I sleep on – have been incredibly persistent. This is where Silvon’s anti-acne pillowcases came in.

On one of the many afternoons that I was researching acne fighting advice, one of the recommendations I continually came across was a) washing your pillowcases regularly and b) switching to an antimicrobial pillowcase.

What Are Silvon Pillowcases?

Silvon, according to the brand, is “an essential to any skincare routine.” But what exactly is it? More than just your run of the mill pillowcase, these pillowcases are woven with silver to naturally eliminate acne-causing bacteria. They utilize the proven antimicrobial properties of silver to keep your skin clean while you sleep. You can fight acne while you get your eight hours!

Is my pillowcase causing acne?

Regular pillowcases trap and collect bacteria while you sleep, which then transfers it back onto your skin. A build-up of dirt and oil from the environment, as well as from your skin and hair touching the pillow, becomes interwoven into the fabric of the pillowcase. This problem is especially exacerbated if you are not diligent about washing the fabric regularly. You spend six to eight hours (maybe more) every night on your pillowcase, probably more than any other surface your skin comes into contact with. That much time laying on pillowcases that aren’t clean can show up on your skin in the form of blemishes. It helps to wash your pillowcase every day, but using a pillowcase designed to fight acne will help even more.

So how does the Silvon pillowcase work?

While washing your pillowcases frequently helps with preventing blemishes, Silvon goes beyond that strategy by using silver within their pillowcase. Silver is a powerful fighter against acne: it has long been known to be antibacterial, because its toxicity to human cells is considerably lower than to bacteria. If you’re interested in learning more about these antibacterial properties, this NIH article is very informative, but if you’re not too much of a science person the tl;dr is that rather than collect bacteria, a pillowcase made with silver stays free of any acne-causing materials. In a clinical trial, Silvon fabrics have been proven to reduce propionibacterium acnes (acne-causing bacteria) by 99.97%.

How much do Silvon pillowcases cost?

A single silvon pillowcase costs $40, and a set of 2 costs $70. I personally recommend buying 4, so you can use each pillowcase twice (just flip the pillow over for a fresh side) and wash your pillowcases once a week. However, if you are willing to wash them more frequently, one set could also be enough.

How often should you wash the Silvon pillowcase?

Dermatologists recommend washing your pillowcase every two or three days, but if you have 4 pillowcases (as I outlined above), you can wash them once a week. I personally try to use a clean pillowcase every night after hearing an esthetician give that recommendation to one of her clients on an Instagram live. While this may seem a bit excessive, it is what gives me peace of mind knowing I’ve removed one more potential cause of my acne.

The pillowcases are completely machine washable (just avoid bleach and fabric softener), and wash with cold water. Tumble dry on the low setting.

How long will it take to see results with the Silvon pillowcase?

Since everyone’s skin is so different, it is impossible to say exactly how long it will take to see an effect on your skin concerns. After making the switch, I started to see improvements within the first week, but your skin may take longer to improve. It also depends on your skincare regimen, as Silvon will not completely fix the problems caused by using ill-suited products. Rather, it acts as a complement to an established routine and prevents additional problems.

Like any other lifestyle change designed to reduce acne, it could take some time to have a demonstrable effect. I recommend sticking to it for at least a month before giving up on its potential (if you have yet to see results).

Are Silvon pillowcases safe for pets or kids?

Since Silvon relies on the natural antimicrobial properties of silver, there are no harsh chemicals or treatments. This makes it a perfect choice for pets, children and those with sensitive skin!

What’s the difference between Silvon silver pillowcases and silk pillowcases?

Silk pillowcases have been touted as beneficial for preventing hair breakage and wrinkles while you sleep, but they don’t specifically target acne or bacteria. Silver pillowcases, on the other hand, are specifically known for their anti-microbial properties.

Are Silvon pillowcases worth it? Is Silvon legit?

You might be wondering, are Silvon pillowcases legit? The product page is filled with 5-star reviews of customers who have experienced a significant decrease in acne since purchasing, with clearer skin and better sleep knowing their skin is taken care of. But what was my personal experience with Silvon?

After my experience, I would definitely say they deliver on what they promise.  Within a week of using my new pillowcases, I saw a visible reduction in the amount and severity of blemishes on the left side of my face. Now, I rarely experience zits on my cheek. These results make them worth it to me. The pillowcases are high quality, durable, and deliver on what they promise. If you are fighting persistent acne and are running out of potential solutions, I highly recommend giving Silvon a try.

I hope this review was helpful! If you have any more questions about Silvon pillowcases feel free to ask in the comments or reach out to me on instagram @amberskincarediary

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  1. What’s the difference between Silvon silver pillowcases and silk pillowcases?

    Silk pillowcases have been touted as beneficial for preventing hair breakage and wrinkles while you sleep, but they don’t specifically target acne or bacteria. Silver pillowcases, on the other hand,

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