New Launch Alert! Sand & Sky’s Tasmanian Spring Water Line is the Perfect Summer Skincare Routine

Sand & Sky’s Tasmanian Spring Water line launches today, and I cannot wait to chat about it! My love for Sand & Sky is definitely no secret; I first wrote a review of this brand in November 2019 where I gushed about their incredible pink clay mask. Most recently I talked about the latest addition to their Australian Emu Apple line, an enzyme polish powder. So when Sand & Sky reached out to ask if I would be interested in testing out a new serum and moisturizer, I jumped at the chance! I am so excited to share my thoughts after incorporating them into my routine for over a month. Long story short: I am completely obsessed.

A little background on the brand

Sand & Sky is an Australian skincare brand dedicated to bringing the efficacy of native Australian flora & fauna to the global market. Founded by twin sisters, the brand’s ethos of laid back Aussie style brings effective yet easy to use formulas to skincare lovers everywhere. The brand is best known for their iconic pink clay mask, and with each new release they grow more and more popular.

The New Kids on the Block: Sand & Sky’s Tasmanian Spring Water Line

sand & sky's tasmanian spring water line featuring the serum and moisture cream

The big news today is the addition of a serum and a moisturizer to Sand & Sky’s stellar product lineup. Sand & Sky customers have long been asking for a hydrating serum and cream – since many of us would love to have our routine be totally Sand & Sky! The new Tasmanian Spring Water line is the perfect complement to their exfoliating & glow-inducing products. Now, you can purify, exfoliate, brighten and hydrate your skin!

No stranger to bringing incredible Australian ingredients into the mainstream, Sand & Sky has popularized pink clay and emu apple, among other flora & fauna, in their other lines. Now, they are digging deeper and sharing an Australian aqua secret with the world. The star of this new line, Tasmanian Spring Water, is sourced from a vast, deep lake within the Mole Creek Karst National Park. Untouched by humans until it touches your skin, this perfectly pure water has incredible hydrating properties. Rich in natural minerals, the spring water strengthens as it replenishes, helping to fortify the skin against everyday aggressors.

Lightweight but Powerful: Water Splash Serum

sand & sky's tasmanian spring water splash serum making a splash in a tin of water

This lightweight serum feels like a glass of water, but its results are far more powerful. It instantly improves skin hydration, moisture retention and smoothness. Over time, it helps to protect the skin’s barrier and boost hydration mechanisms.

The serum includes the aforementioned Tasmanian Spring Water, Bifida Ferment, two types of hyaluronic acid and fermented sea kelp. Together, they help to reduce sensitivity, irritation and dryness. Tasmanian Spring Water is the star ingredient; deeply hydrating and pure, it is amazing for adding moisture back into your skin. The other standout inclusion is the bifida ferment, which can reduce sensitivity, inflammation, and diminish dryness. You would think such a powerful serum would be quite heavy and thick, but instead Sand & Sky has formulated a refreshing option that doesn’t weigh down the skin.

To use, apply 4 drops of the Splash Serum to freshly cleansed skin morning and night. I use almost a full dropperful in both my AM and PM routines, after lightly misting my face and before applying moisturizer.

After more than a month of using the serum, I am in awe of how incredibly hydrating it is. My skin has felt more plumped and deeply hydrated than it has in a while. This was even more surprising to me given how lightweight the serum is. It absorbs immediately – perfect for my oily prone skin. Many hydrating & serums can be creamy and heavy, creating congestion, but not this one. It’s like a tall drink of water for my skin. I will sincerely miss it when I finish my bottle.

sand & sky's tasmanian spring water splash serum

Like a Soft Pillow: Hydration Boost Cream

sand & sky's tasmanian spring water hydration boost cream making a splash in a tin of water

Sand & Sky has created a weightless gel-cream formula designed to deeply hydrate the skin without weighing it down. Tasmanian Spring Water strengthens the skin’s barrier and Red Algae Extract improves the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms for long-lasting relief from dryness. Two forms of hyaluronic acid replenishes thirsty skin, and fermented sea kelp helps repair the skin from dryness and damage.

To use, apply a coin-sized amount of the cream to the face and neck with circular, upward motions for all-day hydration.

The Tasmanian Spring Water Hydration Boost Cream has earned a spot in my top three moisturizers of all time. With my oily, acne-prone, yet sensitive skin, it can be difficult to find a moisturizer that addresses all my problems. Yet somehow, this incredible cream does just that. It is lightweight enough that I can wear it during the day without feeling heavy or congested. It wears well under sunscreen. Without making me slick or triggering breakouts, it keeps my skin hydrated.

At night, it deeply hydrates my skin and helps repair it while I sleep. The cream is lightweight and absorbs instantly. Despite its airy quality, I wake up with plump, soft and smooth skin. I am so impressed with this moisturizer, and don’t ever want to go without it. The best part? On nights I’m feeling a bit lazy, I can forego my other steps and just apply the serum and moisturizer, and still wake up with perfectly healthy, hydrated skin.

texture of the sand & sky's tasmanian spring water moisture cream

Final Thoughts on Sand & Sky’s Tasmanian Spring Water Line

I can’t say enough good things about this line. Although I had no doubts the products would be lovely, I am blown away by just how good they are. Sand & Sky nailed it – from the ingredients, to the texture, to the results, the Tasmanian Spring Water line is easily one of the best hydrating lines I have ever tried. If you’re seeking a laid-back, Aussie inspired skincare routine, I cannot recommend these two products enough. The two alone are sufficient to hydrate and protect your skin, enough that you can forego your 10-step skincare routine.

shelfie featuring all of sand and sky's product line

If you decide to pick up the new Tasmanian Spring Water line, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Sounds like another amazing product from Sand and Sky! I definitely will need to try the serum as we transition to cooler temps!

  2. Amazing review! Im very interested in trying all the sand & sky products! But specially these products as im oily acne prone as you!

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    Ps: the shots are to die for ❀

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