Why You Need the Youth to the People Vitamin C Serum In Your Life

If you know me, you know the second Youth to the People drops a new product, I have my credit card ready to purchase it. When I heard that they were going to be creating a Youth to the People vitamin C serum, I was psyched! Luckily for me and my bank account, YTTP sent it over in PR. Within days I was in love, but I tested this baby out for over a month before finalizing my thoughts. Keep reading to find out just how well it worked for me!

Why I Love Youth to the People

It’s no secret that I am a HUGE youth to the people stan. Everything from their values, to their high quality products, to the community feel to their brand, makes them one of my staple skincare lines. The fact that I get to be on their PR list will forever be one of my favorite accomplishments that have come out of having this blog & insta. I’ve reviewed pretty much every product from YTTP in this brand review, so if you’re interested in reading about their other products be sure to check it out!

The details on the Youth to the People Vitamin C Serum

The 15% Vitamin C +Clean Caffeine Energy Serum is an upgrade from Youth to the People’s former serum product that encompassed both hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. When I heard about the launch, I was so excited because I knew it had the potential to fill a big gap in my routine. So far, I haven’t found a vitamin C product I was truly obsessed with. This one sounded extremely promising. But before I share my thoughts, I’m going to highlight the details of the product.

What It Is: a “first of its kind” clinical grade 15% vitamin C serum

What It Does: immediately brightens, visibly reduces morning puffiness, and hydrates.

Price: $68/1oz

Key Ingredients: 15%Vitamin C complex (Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate), Yerba Mate+ Guayusa, Passion Fruit, Dragon Fruit, and Squalane

How to Use: After cleansing in the morning, apply 2-4 pumps.

What did I think?

Truthfully, the first use hooked me. However, I wanted to give myself a full month to see the long-term results of this serum before sharing my thoughts; I don’t like to be one of those influencers that claims she’s found a holy grail after just one application.

But with every morning, I loved this more and more. It is the first Vitamin C serum that I enjoyed using, and that delivered results. The biggest plus? The beautiful, non-sticky texture. It is a dream to apply. I’m also fussy about how products fit into my routine, and this never caused any issues with pilling.

Over the course of a month, with daily application, I saw an improvement in my skin’s texture and tone. Overall, my skin looked brighter and healthier.I experienced no breakouts that I could attribute to this serum. And after using it for over a month, I have used just about 3/4 of the product, so the full bottle likely lasts about 6 weeks.

Before & After Photos: 1 Month of Using the Youth to the People Vitamin C Serum

Every week, I took progress photos to track how my skin improved with using this serum. I didn’t want to just say it was nice – I wanted to know that it WORKED. I think these photos are proof:

Over the course of the month, I saw an improvement in the texture and tone of my skin. My skin looks more even and brighter overall. Hormones caused he breakout you can see on the one side of my face, as it erupted during my time of the month – I experienced no issues due to the serum.

Is the Youth to the People Vitamin C Serum Worth It?

This serum is pricey, and I know many people have more affordable vitamin C’s they enjoy. But for me and my skin, this serum is the holy grail: beautiful texture, actual results, and made by a brand I love supporting. If you’re able to splurge a little in your routine, this is a product I would recommend wholeheartedly.

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